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I’ve indexed my posts by topic below so readers new to me can dive into my writing without endlessly scrolling on my profile page. Each article includes its sub-header or an explainer.

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I believe that the wisdom that comes with the study of philosophy, culture and history can help you live a better life. If I can help you, or if you can help me help others, drop me a line: stevengambardella@gmail.com


I’ve written lots on philosophy. This subject is my number one passion. Since I’ve written so many articles on philosophy, I have divided them into subcategories. …

We Should Rethink Our Idea of Freedom to Find a Better Life

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Jan Davidszoon de Heem, Vase of Flowers, 1660 (National Gallery of Art. Public Domain. Source: Wikipedia)

The western world has an obsession with freedom, a concept it struggles to understand.

Our commonly held idea of freedom was forged in the 1960s by a wealthy baby boom generation struggling with the shackles of post-war social conservatism.

In The Wild Angels, a 1966 biker movie starring Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra, we can find a definition that’s silly, and yet it’s a worryingly accurate reflection of how we think of freedom in today’s society.

A wayward biker gang leader — “Heavenly Blues”, played by Fonda — is asked by a stern church minister, “Just what is it that you want to do?” …

The Story of an Orphan who Upended the Roman Empire

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The emperor Julian modelled himself on Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius. The young philosopher made an idealistic attempt to return the Roman Empire to older, philosophically-guided values but died in battle after only 20 months in power. (Image: Julian II in Paris City Museum. Photo by Ωméga * on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

In June 363 a demoralised and tired Roman army was marching deep in the territory of the enemy Sassanid Empire in what is now modern Iraq.

The retreating army was dangerously low on supplies in the sweltering heat of a Mesopotamian summer. Soldiers burdened by a slow-moving baggage train were under constant harassment from mounted Sassanian raiders, picking them off with missiles.

The column was heading north along the bank of the Tigris to the safety of Roman territory, having given up besieging the Sassanian capital Ctesiphon and losing their campaign objective.

The Emperor Flavius Claudius Julianus, better known to us as Julian, leading the column, was told of another attack on the rear guard. …


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