My Top Stories

Montaigne: The Art of Life

Marcus Aurelius: The View from Above

The Prison of Snobbery

Is the Fetus Human?

Nietzsche’s Three Steps to a Meaningful life

Wittgenstein: Intelligence is Never Artificial

How Cubism Changed the Way We See the World

Why Poor People Drive Expensive Cars

D-Day: Into the Great Abyss

Manet: The Difference Between Nude and Naked

Toward Stoicism 3.0

The Hidden Politics of Roma

Most Writers Lose Their Readers Because They’re Lacking One Thing

Marcus Aurelius: The Control Switch

This Idea Could Make Everything Better

Spinoza: How to be Free

The Painting That Shocked the World



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Steven Gambardella

Steven Gambardella

I am a history PhD sharing the lessons of philosophy and history with practical benefits for your life and work. Get in touch: