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The Stoic Understanding of Choice, Control and Freedom

Georges de la Tour, The Repentant Magdalen, c. 1635–1640 (Public domain. Source: Wikipedia)

Throughout your time you’ll come across people who are ungrateful, people who lack basic manners, people who don’t seem able to say simple words like “please” or “thank you”, people who won’t return a smile.

There’s worse. There’s people who are outright meddling and treacherous, people who’d take the clothes…

Mariah Carey in London in 1991. (Source: Wikipedia. Image by Redhoopoe at Flickr. CC BY-SA…

It’s a joy to rediscover something old anew. It’s like finding cash in a winter coat you’ve just taken out of the closet in November. The delight is more valuable than the treasure itself.

After being delayed two years because of the pandemic, we’re finally getting around to planning our…

“Lionheart” was the name of England’s supposedly brave King Richard I, but also the brutal…

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein volunteered to fight in the First World War despite his eligibility for medical exemption.

He served on the front line by choice, seeing some of the heaviest action of the war. He was an artillery spotter, often stationed in no man’s land, and an obvious target…

The difference between “a philosophy” and “Philosophy”.

Illustration by author

This isn’t going to be an anti-self-help tirade.

In fact, I read a lot of self-help and there are a lot of great authors who work in that genre. The point of this post is really to distinguish philosophy from self-help.

Good, honest self-help is life advice that allows you…

Devotion, not Distractions.

Sophia, just a few days old. Author’s photo.

Caring for a newborn is like having to carry a brim-full bowl of water the whole time.

You are forbidden to spill it or put it down, it can only be passed from one person to another. It’s hard work. It’s highly inconvenient.

Convenience is shaping the world around us…

Productivity and “Vacation Mania”

Italians do it better. Photo by Will Truettner on Unsplash (cropped by author)

The French have a saying, “If working hard makes you rich, donkeys would be covered in gold.”

French laziness was a recurring punchline in Emily in Paris, a pristine fish-out-of-water story that’s as airbrushed as a Vogue cover shot. It was a “wind-down” watch for many people at the height…

A New Book Examines the Dutch Philosopher’s Religious Vision

Pieter Claesz, Vanitas (1630) A typical “vanitas” (literally: “emptiness”) still life from the Dutch Golden…

By one estimate, more than half of adults in the UK cannot touch their toes.

Babies and children can. A young child can fold at its hips and double over as flat as a pancake. Why are adults so inflexible?

Inflexibility is not some intrinsic biological process that overcomes us…

NGC 4414, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Coma Berenices, is about 55,000 light-years in…

The Style and Substance of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations

There seem to be as many genres of ancient philosophy as there are works. There are the letters of Seneca, the poetries of Lucretius, Heraclitus and Boethius, the handbook of Epictetus, the journals of Marcus Aurelius, the hymns of Cleanthes, the epitomes of Epicurus and, of course, the dialogues of…


Amia Srinivasan examines dilemmas and disputes in the Feminist movement. In doing so, she uncovers its ultimate benefit for everybody.

An Oxford University publicity photo of Amia Srinivasan (photo by Nina Subin. Fair use)

The word “incel” barely registered in public consciousness until 23 May 2014. That’s when Eliot Rodger, a twenty-two-year-old dropout, stabbed and shot to death six people and wounded more than a dozen others.

Halfway through his killing spree, Rodger uploaded a video on YouTube “Eliot Rodger’s Retribution” and emailed his…

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